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Travel Security Analysis - Travel Security Assistance - Traveller Awareness and Tracking
Unique Global Footprint


Through our alliance with International SOS we combine our experience, staff and infrastructure to provide +Travel, world-class security support and assistance services to keep your mobile workforce safe, healthy and supported - anywhere, anytime. 

Together with International SOS our global network of six security centres, composed of fully integrated intelligence and operations teams provides organisations with integrated risk management plans, strategies and responses to protect their employees and help their business function more efficiently. Travel risk management support is fully integrated with medical assistance from International SOS, providing a comprehensive suite of services for your mobile workforce.


Travel security analysis

Our 24/7 regional security teams ensure timely reporting on security threats and travel disruption anywhere in the world. We monitor and analyse shifting political and social situations, as well as natural disasters, to provide timely alerts on incidents and developments and security advice for travellers. Via our online platform you and your people can access destination guides for over 200 countries and territories and nearly 500 cities worldwide, including country and city risk ratings.


Travel security assistance

From telephone-based pre-travel advice to activating local security support or the provision of emergency assistance, our specialist teams are available 24/7. This can extend to the evacuation of personnel in times of increased threat if required and requested.


Traveller awareness and tracking

Our TravelTracker solution connects globally-mobile employees and organisations, including corporate security, travel and human resource teams, via email and SMS communications. TravelTracker helps organisations act immediately during a critical event by identifying travellers at risk and facilitating communications with them. 


Unique global footprint

Our capabilities are reinforced and supported by the global network of International SOS’ and Control Risks’ 90 worldwide offices and 1,000 remote sites. This includes the embedded security and medical resources at International SOS’ 26 Assistance Centres that can support small to large-scale security evacuations, and Control Risks’ security consultants on the ground in over 150 countries.



+Travel can be seamlessly combined with Control Risks CORE’s incisive analysis on geopolitical and security issues to help you plan all aspects of your investments and operations in confidence. 

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