Identify economic and political risks, as well as opportunities



Political and Economic Risk in One Place - Relevant and Customisable
Access to Parent Services - Data On-the-go and Ready-to-go


Economic and political risks are more interconnected than ever before. The strategic success of your organisation now relies increasingly on its ability to anticipate and react to future shocks. Developed by Control Risks and Oxford Economics, +Economics (EPRE - Economic and Political Risk Evaluator) enables you to scan economic and political risks, as well as identify opportunities, to enable you to make informed business decisions. 

Our joint venture combines Control Risks’ 40 years of experience in political, security and integrity risk consulting with Oxford Economics’ world-class global forecasting and modelling capabilities on 200 countries, 100 industries and 3,000 cities. Together, we offer an unparalleled network of more than 200 geopolitical and economic experts around the world providing on-the-ground, in-country experience and expertise. Our work reaches beyond open source information to provide customers with actionable analysis that rivals cannot attain.


Political and economic risk in one place

To interpret and navigate a global matrix of external risks, companies need advanced tools. EPRE’s combination of political and economic risk forecasts – each presented with market-leading expertise – helps anticipate emerging risks, pinpoint the timing of risk events and gauge their impact. 


Relevant and customisable

Control Risks and Oxford Economics have isolated the most relevant metrics for assessing political and economic change in any country. Our economists and political risk analysts use these metrics to create robust, proprietary forecast data and analysis. Subscribers can calibrate the weighting of these metrics to reflect their own view of risk and challenge our assumptions. All metrics can be customised to fit an organisation’s own risk profile.


Access to parent services

EPRE offers a broad combination of Oxford Economics and Control Risks’ online material with content from Oxford Economics’ Global Macro Service and Country Economic Forecast and Control Risks’ CORE and +Political, and is accessible to subscribers of the services. Additionally, EPRE can be integrated into CORE, Control Risks’ essential risk monitoring tool.


Data on-the-go and ready-to-go

The service is easy to navigate and features clean, cutting edge graphics. EPRE assets are easy to adapt, export and download, making comprehensive reports ready with a few clicks.



+Economics can be seamlessly combined with Control Risks CORE’s incisive analysis on geopolitical and security issues to help you plan all aspects of your investments and operations in confidence. 

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