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Access to our experts

Understanding the broader context of events - Access to country expertise


CORE can be extended to provide clients with direct access to our global network of analysts. Our experts have extensive on-the-ground experience based on regular consulting projects with clients.

Access to our analysts extends across all regions and threat areas; this includes political, security, kidnap, maritime and cyber. Clients can access our analysts for tailored advice specific to the needs and footprint of their organisation.


Understanding the broader context of events

Explore global risk trends and developments in detail and understand the implications for your organisation or sector.


Access to country expertise

Addressing key developments in the countries you operate in and their impact on business environments, our analysts can help you understand the drivers of change and anticipate future trends that will impact your business.


Know your risks globally and in the countries you operate in:

  • What is the likely outcome of the upcoming elections and do you anticipate an increased risk of social unrest as a result?

  • There was a terrorist attack earlier this month. What do you think this will mean for the local security environment going forward? 

  • What kind of assets and infrastructure do you believe will be targeted by terrorist groups in 2017? 

  • What are the most significant cyber espionage trends that we need to consider? 
  • What is your assessment of the security environment in Country X? Have you noticed an increase or decrease in the number or significance of incidents? 

  • What is your assessment of the security situation around Port Y?  

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