• Mid East & N Africa: Gulf states: Fighter jet deal underscores increasing defence spending, shifting security posture
  • United Kingdom: Scenarios: Election outcome special edition
  • Mexico: Widespread violence in Jalisco highlights continuing security challenge posed by organised crime groups
  • Kyrgyzstan: Contract risks in mining sector to remain high despite finalisation of tender process for major mine
  • Kenya: Government’s anti-homosexual rhetoric unlikely to lead to more repressive legislation
  • Worldwide Terrorist Threats: In-depth: Texas attack underlines LOW yet persistent terrorism risk from homegrown Islamist extremists
  • Sri Lanka: Constitutional amendments likely to limit president’s powers, raise trust in institutions
  • Turkey: Cancelled meeting indicates frozen PKK peace negotiations; security situation to remain stable before elections
  • Qatar: Fighter jet deal underscores increasing defence spending, shifting security posture
  • Asia & the Pacific: Meeting of party leaders shows cross-Strait relations key to Taiwan’s presidential election
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: Protests against new labour law highlight continued resistance to EU-required reforms in Serb entity
  • Mexico: Violent protests in Guerrero state highlight continuing threat of social activism against public institutions
  • Sudan: Large-scale electricity blackout highlights persistent capacity shortages; improvements to remain slow
  • Myanmar: Protests highlight reputational, operational risks from land acquisition
  • Guinea: Renewed violent protests highlight persistent political deadlock over electoral calendar
  • Moldova: Protest against disappearance of bailout funds underscores banking sector corruption
  • Libya: Obstacles to sustainable political solution remain despite publication of draft agreement
  • Israel: Ethiopian protests underline communal tensions; security threats from unrest remain limited
  • Colombia: Peace negotiations likely to continue despite temporary drop in approval ratings for talks, president
  • Ecuador: Conviction of former minister highlights pervasive official corruption, deficiencies in judiciary

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    to consultancy Control Risks. Once a tax order has been sent out,
    it s...


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  • U.K. Election: What Is the Most Likely Outcome?

    Monday, April 27, 2015 - U.K. Election: What Is the Most Likely Outcome? Control Risks Senior
    Analyst for Europe David Lea discusses the U.K. general election and


  • After Morsi's Sentencing, What Next For Egypt?

    Wednesday, April 22, 2015 - ...trials will persist well beyond that. Coline Schep is an analyst at
    Control Risks, the global risk consultancy. For more analysis,
    sign up for...


  • Old loyalties, religious cohesion may frustrate Islamic State in Libya

    Tuesday, April 21, 2015 - ...self-interested," said Geoffrey Howard, Middle East and North Africa
    analyst at Control Risks. "IS's advances are likely to pose a threat
    to their...


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