• Turkey: PKK leader’s call to lay down arms bolsters confidence in peace process, faces political hurdles
  • Tajikistan: Expected ruling party election victory underlines dominance of president, weakness of opposition
  • Kuwait: Imprisonment of opposition legislator during appeal process likely to spur unrest
  • Libya: Divisive general’s appointment as internationally recognised authorities’ army chief to further polarise rival blocs
  • Pakistan: Government scrutiny of seminaries likely to lead to unrest in the coming weeks
  • Mali: Tensions in north to persist amid rebel delays in signing peace agreement
  • Kenya: Suspected terrorist plot against parliament underlines continued focus on high-profile targets, increasing car bomb threat
  • Asia & the Pacific: North Korean missile launches signal recurrent tensions during US-South Korean military exercises
  • Colombia: Inclusion of military officers in peace talks highlights likelihood of their successful conclusion
  • Nepal: Further protests likely against government plans to force through new constitution
  • Malaysia: Scenarios: Reforms still held back by ruling party's conservative faction
  • China: Intensified anti-graft inspections at state-owned enterprises a prelude to deeper structural reforms
  • Poland: New renewable energy act highlights declining support for large producers, move away from state subsidies
  • Yemen: External support for rival governments to further exacerbate power struggle, entrench geographic divide
  • Iraq: Dispute between Erbil, Baghdad over budget implementation highlights continued threats to political stability

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