• Peru: Measures to combat urban insecurity unlikely to reduce common, violent crime
  • Guatemala: Latest Constitutional Court ruling presages likely indictment of president, increasing political instability
  • Ghana: Currency, sovereign risks to persist despite likely disbursement of second IMF bailout tranche in August
  • Nigeria: Scenarios: Reforms delayed as new president struggles to exert control
  • Turkey: Election of parliamentary speaker indicative of parties’ positions in coalition formation
  • Denmark: Dispute with low-cost airline underscores operational, reputational risks from salience of labour rights
  • Asia & the Pacific: China’s rejection of multilateral solution shows scope for escalating tensions in South China Sea
  • France: Indictment of highest government official underlines persistence of corruption in Corsica
  • Kyrgyzstan: Protests underscore persistent local opposition to mining, complexities of operating environment
  • Côte d'Ivoire: Reinforcement of northern border security underlines growing concern over Islamist militancy spillover
  • Kenya: Clashes highlight continued threat of inter-communal violence in Mandera county despite military deployment
  • Greece: Political instability to further increase after referendum; yes campaign gains momentum in last days
  • Indonesia: Changes to pension scheme likely to provide additional triggers for industrial disputes
  • Kuwait: Campaign of arrests following bomb attack unlikely to reflect major increase in militant threat
  • Syria: Advance on Aleppo underlines increased coherence of non-IS Islamist rebels, government's weakened position
  • Morocco: Dismantling of militant cell points to impact of Iraq, Syria conflicts; not indicative of heightened terrorism risk
  • Malaysia: Latest allegations on sovereign investment company likely to hasten prime minister’s removal
  • Brazil: Corruption investigation to maintain focused on oil, gas, infrastructure
  • Paraguay: Inauguration of opposition speaker in Congress to pose governability challenges to president
  • Mexico: Illegal pipeline tapping operations to continue producing fuel shortages in north, west of country

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