Crisis Response

Control Risks’ response team has an unparalleled expertise in the field of resolving cases of kidnap, piracy, extortion, threat and illegal detention. We have advised clients on the resolution of more than 2,800 cases and amassed over 48,000 case-days of experience.

We can help your respond and recover in the face of cyber attack, fraud, terrorism, pandemic, worker activism and animal rights extremism.

See Also

  • Kidnapping risk along the Belt and Road Initiative

    The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is an unprecedented opportunity to develop regional economic integration and maritime connectivity, but also presents a risk of kidnap-for-ransom.

  • Event security in the wake of the Manchester attack

    For local law enforcement and private entities in areas that were previously considered “off the beaten path” of terror attacks, the Manchester attack represents an additional challenge, especially for those who are responsible for securing large civic and corporate events.