Crisis Management & Business Continuity

We prepare our clients to reduce the impact of business disruption events across the full-spectrum of potential hazards.  Control Risks’ crisis management and business continuity consulting solutions work to ensure that our clients are well-placed to maintain competitive advantage by recovering from crises quickly and efficiently.

We strengthen our clients’ ability to:

  • Protect employees, their families, the communities in which the organisation operates and other relevant stakeholders
  • Safeguard reputation, key assets and other core interests
  • Ensure that business operations continue uninterrupted, regardless of location
  • Achieve compliance with standards and regulatory requirements
  • Safeguard financial position through risk management and planning

Our approach ensures that your crisis management and business continuity programme is seamlessly integrated in to your wider risk management strategy and is therefore closely tied to our Enterprise Resilience solutions

Our Political Risk services as well as Cyber Threat Intelligence assist in identifying and prioritizing risks as the foundation of efficient crisis management and business continuity planning.

Our subject matter experts in areas such as cyber security, kidnapphysical security and compliance and corruption work closely with our crisis management and business continuity teams to ensure that plans and training exercises are well-matched to likely real-world and granular scenarios on a global basis.

Case Study: Crisis Management & Business Continuity

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