Cyber Security Risk Services

Companies depend on the security of their information and unmitigated risks to that security affect the entire enterprise. Control Risks provides expertise in information security, cyber threats, enterprise technology, risk management, crisis response, and technical remediation, perfectly suited to reduce a company’s risk.

Our approach to a comprehensive risk-driven cyber security program includes helping companies:

PREDICT. Control Risks’ threat intelligence reduces uncertainty about the malicious actors and global hazards that threaten companies’ information.

  • Comprehensive threat assessments
  • Strategic geopolitical intelligence

  • Daily, weekly, and monthly intelligence reports

  • Online portal access

  • Operational intelligence 

  • Training in-house threat intelligence teams

PROTECT. Cyber Protect helps companies develop and implement an efficient cyber security program, securing your critical assets against likely threats.

  • Evaluate critical assets to calculate potential loss
  • Understand likely threats
  • Assess current and target program maturity 
  • Test key detection and response capabilities
  • Develop a comprehensive maturity roadmap
  • Transform the environment across domains

RESPOND. We respond immediately to help companies manage a cyber security incident and facilitate each key component throughout the process, because how a company responds can mean the difference between a isolated incident and an enduring crisis.

  • Deploy first responders to triage the incident
  • Provide enterprise level crisis management
  • Conduct deep forensic Investigation
  • Remediate immediate vulnerabilities
  • Maintain business continuity and reassure customers
  • Quickly restore full operations

If you need to get a handle on your cyber risk, contact us and we can help.
Let's work together.


Let's work together

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