Managing Ethics and Compliance Risk

Large fines for corruption violations, long sentences for anti-trust breaches, media scandals relating to human rights issues, financial losses related to conflicts of interest and fraud – all have sharpened the focus for many international organisations. With opportunities, sourcing and production focussed emerging and maturing markets and cyber/data related risk everywhere, Ethics & Compliance is a boardroom issue.

Control Risks employs a truly global complement of highly technical investigative professionals with real-world, relevant experience and a unique ability to apply local political and business context to your issues.

Clients can call on our full range of expertise, including certified accountants, attorneys, and former prosecutors, law enforcement and intelligence officers, as well as industry professionals from senior management, compliance and finance.

We pride ourselves on our ability to work seamlessly with counsel and provide added value and technical capability to an investigative team such as accounting, eDiscovery and data solutions, language skills and review of internal controls.

Anti-bribery and Corruption expertise - Our investigative professionals have decades of combined experience assisting clients with bribery and corruption risk in multiple sectors and in every corner of the globe. We have served as government-appointed monitors and appeared alongside our clients and their counsel in front of regulatory enforcement agencies around the world.

Investigating fraud and impropriety is second nature to us - We combine a keen understanding of the complexity of opaque business environments with a realistic approach to solving problems. From embezzlement and financial statement fraud to money laundering and conflicts of interest, Control Risks is focused on helping companies investigate and resolve these issues.

The value of intelligence - Be more informed, more prepared and more competitive. Our stakeholder mapping, competitive intelligence and knowledge of broad market trends gives clients actionable intelligence and critical information. Granular details about individuals, partners and government actors provide the ability to make clear decisions in fast-moving situations.

Technology in everything we do - Tap into a truly global technology capability which gives you end-to-end solutions in support of investigative activity. From forensic data collection, processing and hosting across multiple platforms to fully supported review and analytics, augmented by focused consulting and custom applications. 

Corruption risk and the challenge of compliance

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