Active Shooter Training (eLearning)

With increasing global concern over shooting incidents and terrorist attacks, Control Risks has developed an Active Shooter eLearning course. This training focuses on developing situational awareness skills, provides guidance on how to identify potential attackers, and explains how to react in the event of violent events such as active shooter incidents and attacks involving multiple assailants.

Bringing together the unparalleled skills of Control Risks’ training capability with our crisis management expertise, this course has been designed as an eLearning package so that are able to access the training flexibly, whenever and wherever they need.

This course is relevant to all staff as it addresses a range of different attack situations and covers a wide range of eventualities including for those employees living and working in major cities, travelling to higher risk locations or where workplace violence or related attacks may be an issue.


AWARENESS, IDENTIFICATION AND RESPONSE. This course focuses on ensuring the individual is able to: develop awareness about their situation and surroundings; can identify potential threats; and understands how to respond in the immediate moments before, during and after an attack. It covers the key options and actions that may be available, as well as information that may be critical to survival. The topics include: Awareness and Identification, and How to Respond.

LEARN AT YOUR OWN PACE. The course takes approximately 25 minutes to complete and is structured into two key modules with an introduction and a short quiz. It is interactive and engaging, combining real scenarios and experiences.

DEMONSTRATE DUTY OF CARE. Through completion reports and certificates issued, organisations will be confident that their employees have been duly equipped prior to travel.


The Active Shooter Training eLearning can be delivered as a stand-alone course or bundled with our Travel Risk Awareness and Advanced Security Training eLearning packages. When combined, these courses provide comprehensive and detailed training which could prove crucial to an individual’s survival in the critical moments before and during an attack.

Control Risks, in collaboration with International SOS, is able to deliver a broad range of training options to support organisations with staff travelling globally. These include a range of security and medical courses which are delivered in a variety of formats, from virtual learning and classroom training through to practical hands-on workshops over several days.