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Daewoo Engineering & Construction

Daewoo Engineering & Construction

Build together. Manage risk together.

Daewoo Engineering & Construction is a Seoul-based, global construction company with ambitious plans to be a ‘Global Top 20 by 2025’ that are sustained by the company vision to ‘Build Together’. With a wide range of projects and competitive bids in progress across the world, a strong risk management process is seen as key to the profitability of the company.

Customer challenge

From skyscrapers in Malaysia to LNG plants in Nigeria, a mega bridge in Korea to an oil refinery in Oman, Daewoo E&C projects vary in nature and geography. Conducting threat assessments on diverse locations prior to market entry, and performing ongoing monitoring once projects were underway was challenging for the company without local knowledge and a dedicated risk monitoring tool.

Business solution

Through their CORE subscription, the company accesses reliable intelligence on the security situation within the countries and specific regions that are target locations for business tenders and new projects. It also uses CORE for ongoing monitoring of threat environments at existing projects, and to streamline reporting for efficiency. In addition, Daewoo E&C draws on CORE+ Experts when specific or unique questions arise, and a bespoke yet speedy response from Control Risks experts is needed.

"With CORE, we have quick access to local insight for anywhere in the world. It really is a powerful business asset."

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