CORE+ Top Alerts

Real-time risk monitoring


CORE+ Top Alerts by Dataminr detects the earliest indication of high-impact events and critical breaking information on publicly available social media. It delivers real-time notification on security and operational incidents with potentially significant impact, providing early event detection to allow informed business decision making.

Dataminr is completely integrated into the CORE risk monitoring platform, and is co-delivered by the Control Risks and Dataminr partnership. Recognized as one of the world’s leading businesses in artificial intelligence and machine learning innovation, Dataminr offers ground-breaking technology for detecting, classifying and determining the significance of public information in real time.


CORE+ Economics Political and economic risk in one place
Early signals

Stay up-to-date with unfolding developments by receiving early signals of critical or high-impact events sourced directly from publicly available information including social media.


CORE+ Economics Relevant and customisable
Asset proximity

Understand the local threat environment for your operations by visualizing real-time alerts alongside assets, risk rating overlays and historical incidents on our dynamic mapping interface.


CORE+ Economics Relevant and customisable
Seamlessly integrated

CORE+ Top Alerts is seamlessly integrated with analysis on geopolitical and security issues, as well as with geospatial information and mapping layers already available on CORE.


CORE+ Economics Relevant and customisable
Corporate application

Designed specifically for corporate clients to view, and be alerted to, real-time data on incidents that may impact operations.



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