CORE+ Political

Anticipate the trajectory and impact of political and policy developments


CORE+ Political helps you make more informed business decisions by anticipating the trajectory and impact of political and policy developments on the business environment in your jurisdictions and sectors of interest.

CORE+ Political provides you with updates, scenarios and risk ratings that analyse and forecast shifts in global and national regulation, attitudes towards foreign direct investment, and insurable political risks. +Political offers insights into upcoming opportunities and challenges to your business that will support you in strategy formulation, commercial decisions, insurance negotiations and enterprise risk management.


Daily monitoring

Understand how actions taken by state or non-state political actors are likely to influence business opportunities in your sector.


Country scenarios

Build our two-year scenario forecasts into your organisation’s strategic and contingency plans, market sizing exercises and business development initiatives. Our scenarios model the most likely trajectory of a country’s political risk profile alongside two alternatives – and examine how these would drive various future challenges and opportunities to business and investment.


Risk ratings

Compare and evaluate countries using political stability, regulatory, contract, sovereign and integrity ratings that can be filtered, visualised, tracked over time and downloaded. Feed our ratings into your risk management programme to make efficient decisions on appropriate levels of risk mitigation for each jurisdiction of interest.


In-depth research

Access comprehensive research notes to explore political trends and developments in detail and understand their implications for your operations.


Insurable political risk

Anticipate the different types of political risks that your organisation faces, such as non-payment, contract frustration, confiscation, expropriation, nationalisation, deprivation and trade credit.


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