Understand trends in global maritime risk

CORE+ Maritime helps you understand current threats and emerging trends in maritime risk globally. Access clear analysis of how maritime developments affect individual geographies, sectors and even vessel types based on our unrivalled understanding of threats in the maritime domain, enabling you to understand the threat profile of specific journeys, fixed assets or locations. Regularly updated assessments of changing threats and advice on appropriate mitigation techniques support your long-term maritime security planning.


CORE+ Maritime Global coverage
Global coverage

Benefit from daily, weekly and monthly reports on piracy and armed robbery at sea, port security, maritime terrorism, activism, territorial disputes and conflict.


CORE+ Maritime Area ratings
Area ratings

Evaluate and compare threat levels in different maritime areas as well as ports using an easily understandable rating system to inform your route planning and mitigation measures.


CORE+ Maritime Deep insights
Deep insights

Access detailed analysis of targeting patterns, techniques and behaviours of different maritime actors based on our extensive records of maritime security incidents from open and closed sources.


CORE+ Maritime Journey management
Journey management

Understand the threats to planned journeys using our journey planner tool, which provides rapid analysis of changing risks along a route. You can also receive alerts tailored to your journey to ensure rapid awareness of developing threats.


CORE+ Maritime Dynamic forecasts
Dynamic forecasts

Take decisions based on a thorough understanding of new trends and forecast threats to your vessels, personnel and business derived from our database of thousands of incidents.


+Analyst Access

Contact your global team to receive advice that is tailored to your organisation's operations and footprint.


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CORE statistics and analysis

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