CORE+ Cyber

Get ahead of threats in the fast-evolving cyber landscape


CORE+ Cyber helps you understand current threats and emerging trends in the fast-evolving cyber landscape. Clear analysis of how tactical developments affect individual geographies and sectors, forward-looking assessments of changing threats and advice on appropriate mitigation techniques support your long-term information security planning and allow you to make business decisions with confidence.

CORE+ Cyber draws on the knowledge and experience Control Risks has gained from working with some of the world's largest companies and institutions. Our analysts are based around the world and benefit from extensive experience in analysing and countering threats to public and private organisations.


Country Ratings
Country ratings

Compare and evaluate the threat landscape around the world, using an easily understandable rating system to inform your travel security policies, business expansion decisions and protection measures across your organisation.


Digestible content

Gain insight into the evolving global cyber threat landscape through clear-cut formats and plain language aimed at both specialists and non-specialists alike.


Dynamic forecasts

Ensure your information security planning is robust and proportionate with regularly updated assessments of changes in the intent and capabilities of cyber threat actors, based on multi-source intelligence-gathering and Control Risks' proprietary cyber threat database.


Actionable intelligence

Assess where your organisation sits in the rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape through detailed analysis of targeting patterns, techniques and behaviours of nation-state, criminal and activist groups across individual sectors and geographies. Our analysts leverage access to a vast range of open and closed information sources to provide you with an in-depth understanding of the intent and capabilities of cyber threat actors and how to protect and respond to cyber threats.



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