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Associate Director, Crisis and Resilience Consulting

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Associate Director, Crisis and Resilience Consulting, Sydney

The selected applicant will be required to work within the Crisis and Resilience Consulting team to develop and service clients throughout Australia, the Pacific, including Papua New Guinea, or other such locations as they may be directed by the Company, including South East Asia, Greater China and India.

This is a fee earning role for an experienced crisis management and business resilience professional who delights in being both an “individual contributor” and a key team player, leading, developing, managing and delivering high quality complex projects to clients across the region.

You will build and maintain successful relationships with existing Control Risks clients and identify and pursue new clients and business opportunities to expand the risk and crisis management practice in the region.

You possess sound experience in the preparation and conduct of training activities, including developing desktop and semi-live exercise programs for executive level crisis management teams.

You are forward looking, able to advise clients at middle and senior management level on risk and crisis decision making, crisis response and developing effective risk and crisis management frameworks and high functioning crisis management teams.


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