Digital transformation of the security function

Digital transformation of the security function


The growing use of data analysis in organisations, and the gradual emergence of machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies, have underscored the role that technology can play in enabling and supporting effective security risk management.  With security budgets under greater strain than ever, security and resilience leaders are increasingly turning to technology to improve the efficiency of their departments and enhance their overall capabilities. This need is compounded by demands on corporate security and resilience functions to monitor and mitigate an ever-expanding range of potential business disruptions that could impact the organisation’s assets, personnel, operations, and reputation, including:


  • Physical security risks
  • Cyber and online threats
  • Natural hazards
  • Workplace violence, insider risk and active threats
  • Infrastructure & technological (including supply chain) disruptions
  • Health and safety risks

A technology-enabled security and resilience programme can transform the ability of your organisation to deter, detect and defend against both physical and digital threats, and to ensure you are ready to respond and recover faster from the full range of business disruptions. This includes using data analysis to optimise your security programme, building technology-enabled intelligence capabilities, and leveraging technology platforms to respond to critical events. But as with any other digital transformation programme, technology will only be as good as the people and processes behind it. The key to a successful transformation will depend on designing a solution that achieves the right balance between technology, skills and processes; fits well with your organisational culture and ways of working; and is underpinned by a shift towards a more data-driven mindset.


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