Data disruption - building intelligence capabilities

Data disruption - building intelligence capabilities

Data and the intelligence interpreted from it is important for an organisation to function, but recently we have all been put in a situation where we have experienced just how vital to the security, opportunities, and safety of business they are. The COVID-19 pandemic has meant companies have had to reassess and remodel strategies, and we have all had to put tactical adjustments into action to secure assets, supply chains and people, whilst making quick changes to how we operate on a practical level.

The data an organisation receives is the basis for any strategic, tactical, or organisational decision you make. We address how data is driving corporate decisions at all levels of the business.

The intelligence that is drawn from that data will need to be qualified, quantified and communicated by experts who can not only read it, but crucially translate it into compelling, structured analysis that can help your company plan their next move.

Of course, data will be different for specific areas within your business. A tailored approach must be adopted, and so we focus on strategic, tactical and operational data and intelligence. We have looked at data and risk intelligence from these three vantages to better explain how, when combined and with the appropriate data technology and risk intelligence applied, they can give your organisation a clear path for the future, harnessing digital disruption for progress and better security.


Data and Intelligence Services

If your organisation needs a tailored approach to data and intelligence Control Risks can help. 


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