• Mexico: Deadline for vetting of local police officers unlikely to be met, underlines institutional deficiencies
  • Burkina Faso: Military overthrow of government likely following popular uprising in main cities
  • Nigeria: Decline in oil price ahead of 2015 elections to increase non-payment, currency risks
  • United States: Increased security at federal government buildings reflects elevated terrorism threat; overall terrorism threat remains low
  • Mozambique: Planned integration of Renamo fighters into security forces highlights continued push to implement peace deal
  • Yemen: Clashes in Baydah, Ibb point to intensification of violent resistance to increased Houthi territorial control
  • Costa Rica: Protests in Caribbean port city to persist despite continued talks between government, union
  • Nigeria: President’s decision to stand for re-election to fan ethno-regional tensions around February 2015 polls
  • Libya: Intense fighting in Benghazi reinforces likelihood of sustained instability in north-east
  • Lebanon: Parliament’s failure to elect president, bill to postpone legislative polls reflect political institutions’ paralysis
  • China: Pollution-related unrest will remain common despite legal reforms
  • France: Short-term unrest, increased protest activity in longer term likely following death of environmental protester
  • Bangladesh: Further protests, disruption likely after death sentence for key Islamist leader
  • Romania: Prime minister’s likely victory in presidential election to strengthen governing party’s grip on power
  • Turkmenistan: Rare protests reflect continued deficient provision of public utilities; wider instability unlikely
  • Myanmar: Constitutional review to trigger large-scale but peaceful opposition rallies over the next year

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