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  • Pakistan: Taxation pressures likely to increase risk of exposure to corruption in telecommunications sector
  • Cyprus: Turkish survey ship’s arrival likely to further damage reunification effort, confrontation unlikely
  • El Salvador: Comments by chamber of commerce president highlight direct business implications of insecurity
  • Saudi Arabia: Pipeline fire highlights political tensions in Eastern Province
  • Nigeria: Hardline Islamist militant factions likely to undermine impact of government peace deal
  • Kenya: Killing of militants, seizure of explosives underline extremists’ continued intent to stage high-profile attacks
  • Kyrgyzstan: Opposition party merger increases likelihood of more nationalist-oriented government
  • Czech Republic: Senate, local election victory for ruling coalition to boost government stability, policy-making efficiency
  • Brazil: Road network survey highlights deficient transport infrastructure
  • China: Hong Kong protests likely to continue but government-student talks offer hope of resolving impasse
  • Iraq: Appointment of security ministers likely to enable more decisive decision-making in conflict with IS
  • China: Key Communist Party meeting to focus on judicial reform; anti-corruption drive will continue

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