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  • Bolivia: Corruption investigation in state-owned oil company underlines persistent integrity risks
  • Saudi Arabia: Addition of MEDIUM security risk zone near Iraq border reflects threat from IS attacks
  • Mexico: Protest in Veracruz port underlines insecurity, failure of security force reform
  • Turkey: Border incidents increase likelihood of involvement in Syrian conflict; Syrian border security risk rating raised to HIGH
  • Burundi: Government unlikely to abandon repressive tactics despite release of human rights activist
  • Iraq: Security forces’ offensive in town near Syrian border points to efforts to cut off militants’ supply lines
  • Afghanistan: Attacks in capital signal militants’ determination to continue insurgency under new president
  • China: Guangdong protest highlights ongoing risk of unrest over land sales
  • Latvia: Centre-right parties likely to perform strongest overall in election, reconfigure coalition government
  • Honduras: Major attack highlights operational capacity of organised criminal groups
  • Bulgaria: Centre-right opposition likely to win early elections, lead next coalition government
  • Nigeria: Reported containment of Ebola likely to reduce operational disruption in medium term
  • Angola: Scenarios: President's continued rule sees stable regulatory environment
  • Egypt: Clampdown on opposition unlikely to abate, notwithstanding release of jailed protesters
  • Papua New Guinea: Split in government coalition unlikely to pose immediate challenge to prime minister
  • Togo: Armed robbery at Lomé airport reflects increased crime threat
  • Europe & CIS: South-eastern Europe: Agreement to reduce roaming charges signals governments’ commitment to EU regulatory standards

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