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  • Philippines: Opening of banking sector creates opportunities for foreign investment
  • Mozambique: Reported clashes between Renamo, military unlikely to undermine efforts to reach peace deal
  • Indonesia: Government to raise electricity prices further but strained supply will persist
  • Iraq: Election of president paves way for government formation, delays remain likely
  • India: Bihar bombings highlight persistence of Naxalite insurgent threat
  • Turkey: Dispute over wind farm highlights increasing grassroots opposition to energy projects
  • Afghanistan: Uncertain progress on presidential election audit threatens to increase political instability
  • Portugal: Arrest of former head indicates will for swift investigation of irregularities at troubled bank
  • Kenya: Killings of foreign nationals over last month point to continued high crime, security risks in Mombasa
  • Palestinian Territories: Largest protest in West Bank for several years highlights anger over Gaza conflict, broader tensions
  • Mali: Progress on negotiations to remain slow despite signing of peace roadmap
  • Ukraine: Government collapse likely to lead to early parliamentary elections, social unrest unlikely
  • Asia & the Pacific: Dredging at Paracel Islands highlights China‚Äôs increasing assertiveness in South China Sea
  • Rwanda: Cabinet reshuffle, replacement of prime minister unlikely to herald policy change
  • Nicaragua: Political stability to persist despite attacks on ruling party supporters
  • Panama: Anti-narcotics operations point to presence of international criminal organisations in capital
  • Colombia: Continuing decrease in homicide rates underscores improvements in security situation

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