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  • Ukraine: Killings, renewed anti-terrorist operation portend likely deterioration in security situation in eastern provinces
  • Macedonia: Corruption allegations against prime minister unlikely to lead to investigation, affect election outcome
  • Senegal: Return of former president unlikely to fuel major unrest
  • South Africa: Pre-election poll points to large majority for ruling party despite presidential corruption scandal
  • Egypt: Timing of fuel price rise reflects efforts to insulate next president from public anger over subsidy restructuring
  • Israel: Jerusalem clashes point to rising tensions over Temple Mount
  • Jamaica: Security situation remains challenging despite apparent fall in serious, violent crimes
  • Bolivia: Agreement on minimum wage increase underlines importance of union support to president ahead of elections
  • Philippines: Manila truck ban causes transport delays, increases operational risks
  • Mexico: Sanctions on Mexico City police officers highlight progress in police reform, much still to accomplish
  • Russia: Contraction of industrial output likely to reduce investment, production restriction risks
  • Ghana: Non-payment risk to remain high amid budget constraints
  • Asia & the Pacific: Indian opposition campaigns on Tamil issues, but significant shift in Sri Lanka policy unlikely

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