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  • Guinea: Appointment of new secretary general of mines to boost industry relations, sector oversight
  • El Salvador: Longstanding dispute underlines strong anti-mining lobby’s ability to influence policy
  • India: Chinese leader's visit underscores co-operation in trade, investment; border disputes remain source of tension
  • China: High-profile reports of labour disputes increase reputational risks for businesses
  • Tunisia: Killing of militants, raising of security alert level reflect government efforts to combat extremism ahead of elections
  • Brazil: Arrests of Rio de Janeiro police officers underline persistent corruption in security forces
  • Cambodia: Labour unrest, isolated violence expected during nationwide minimum wage campaign
  • Côte d'Ivoire: Endorsement by coalition partner to boost president’s re-election prospects in 2015
  • Nigeria: Attack in Kano underscores Islamist militant group’s persistent capabilities outside north-east
  • Tanzania: Controversy over constitutional review to increase threat of violent protests in short term
  • Finland: Early elections unlikely despite government split over Russian involvement in new nuclear plant
  • Kosovo: Arrests highlight growing threat from suspected radical Islamists; terrorism risk rating raised to LOW
  • Morocco: Break-up of protest in Western Sahara highlights risk of unrest in disputed territory
  • Azerbaijan: Targeting of civil society, media highlights intensifying campaign against opposition
  • Pakistan: Shifts in Punjabi Taliban objectives underscore fragmentation of militant landscape

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