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  • Senegal: Former president’s son’s corruption trial likely to fuel low-level civil unrest in capital
  • Asia & the Pacific: Philippines’ criticism of Chinese patrols reflects continuing South China Sea tensions
  • Uzbekistan: Agreements signed during president’s visit to China to reinforce economic, security ties
  • Trinidad and Tobago: Security environment to remain challenging despite significant fall in ‘serious crimes’
  • Brazil: Opposition candidate likely to be endorsed but incumbent remains narrow favourite
  • Turkey: Arrests of police officers from corruption probe confirms increasing politicisation of judicial process
  • Slovakia: Sentences for former government aides highlight threat from political corruption
  • Pakistan: Military deployment in Islamabad ‘red zone’ reduces potential for clashes with opposition protesters
  • El Salvador: Court ruling highlights pervasive corruption in judicial system, broader institutional deficiencies
  • Kenya: Human rights abuses by security forces to exacerbate terrorism threat
  • Palestinian Territories: Resumption of hostilities in Gaza highlights significant gaps between Israeli, Palestinian negotiating teams
  • Nigeria: Reported bomb scare at Lagos airport unlikely to reflect organised Islamist militant plot
  • Syria: Reported neutralisation of government’s chemical weapons unlikely to reduce intensity of conflict
  • Malaysia: Terrorist threat remains LOW despite recruitment by Islamic State, other Syrian militant groups
  • Zimbabwe: Accusations against vice-president signal increasingly public succession battle ahead of ruling party congress
  • Bulgaria: Interim government measures in energy sector to reduce long-term regulatory, contract risk

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