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  • Malaysia: Resolve towards greater fiscal prudence likely to be hindered by populism, corruption
  • Iran: Sanctions risk remains stable as nuclear negotiations extended
  • Nicaragua: Environmental lobby’s call for delay to canal construction likely to presage further protests
  • Hungary: Plans to nationalise private pension funds highlight persistent regulatory risk
  • Burkina Faso: Formation of transitional government marks key step towards resolution of political crisis; periodic localised protests likely
  • International Business Issues: In-depth: Extension of Iran nuclear negotiations increase likelihood of eventual deal, relaxation of sanctions
  • Norway: Terrorism risk rating remains LOW despite security service’s warning of attack
  • South Africa: Rolling blackouts underline fragility of power supply; further disruption likely
  • Turkey: New bills set to increase government control over police, judiciary
  • Pakistan: Court order charging others in former military ruler’s trial likely to defuse civilian-military tensions
  • Togo: Further protests likely ahead of March 2015 polls amid rising political tensions
  • India: Court’s judgment in foreign company’s favour sets encouraging precedent for tax disputes
  • Libya: Airstrikes against airport in capital reflect escalation in power struggle between rival factions
  • Kazakhstan: Arrest of former prime minister likely to reflect elite in-fighting associated with presidential succession
  • Israel: Controversy over nationality bill reflects coalition government’s fragility
  • Colombia: Guerrilla amphibious attack indicates slight rise in threat to maritime operations
  • Indonesia: Banking sector remains flexible despite limits on foreign investment
  • India: Murder of politician, protests highlight poor law and order situation in Bihar

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