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  • Yemen: Airstrikes, drone attacks point to continued US willingness to use targeted military operations against al-Qaida
  • India: Kashmir general strike brings widespread closures, risk of violent escalation
  • United Kingdom: Murder of former faction leader in Northern Ireland underlines continued criminality at heart of dissident republican groups
  • Ukraine: Shooting at checkpoint in eastern city confirms weakness of Geneva peace accord
  • Bahrain: Bomb attacks in Shia areas underscore pattern of political violence, persistent grievances of Shia population
  • South Sudan: Security threats to remain heightened in Unity state following further rebel advances
  • Gabon: Political continuity likely despite growing internal divisions in ruling party
  • Cambodia: Latest strike a reminder of unions’ growing influence in garment sector
  • Americas: ICJ presentation in maritime access dispute to have limited impact on Bolivia-Chile relations
  • Mexico: Arrest underlines continuity in government strategy against organised crime kingpins

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