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  • Armenia: Trade, diplomatic relations with Turkey unlikely to normalise despite conciliatory rhetoric
  • Slovakia: Allegations of state officials’ involvement in tax fraud highlights threat from corruption, economic crime
  • Colombia: Scenarios: President's re-election sees political continuity, security improvements
  • Lebanon: Parliament’s failure to elect president reflects political showmanship; consensus candidate likely, despite divisions
  • South Sudan: Army chief’s dismissal points to increased threat of protracted conflict
  • Palestinian Territories: Prospects for implementation of unity agreement between Hamas, PLO remain highly uncertain
  • Afghanistan: Gun attack in hospital in capital underscores threat to foreign nationals
  • Kenya: Car bomb in capital demonstrates increasing sophistication of Islamist militant attacks
  • India: Incoming government likely to keep most sectors open to FDI
  • Mozambique: Opposition disarmament unlikely before expiry of electoral registration deadline
  • Bangladesh: Cases against former prime minister highlight concerns over corruption, judicial independence
  • New Caledonia (France): Congressional elections unlikely to result in violence
  • Chile: Tax reforms to increase financial burden on miners
  • Turkey: State guarantee of debts on major infrastructure projects increases vulnerability to sovereign default

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