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  • United States: Improving deficits, politics boost short-term fiscal stability
  • Venezuela: Terrorism charges for opposition activists reflect politics, not rise in terrorism risk
  • Argentina: Expansion of currency black market reflects growing concern over economy
  • Georgia: Rift between president, government unlikely to jeopardise political stability
  • Philippines: Bombing in Mindanao city does not suggest enhanced capabilities of militant groups
  • Kuwait: Reported arrests of IS members highlights domestic support for global jihadism; terrorism threat remains LOW
  • Mozambique: Increasing election-related violence unlikely to deteriorate into wider social unrest
  • Uganda: Appointment of new prime minister signals attempt by president to shore up support ahead of 2016 election
  • United Kingdom: Constitutional reform to be key issue in election campaign after referendum defeat for separatists
  • Africa: Attack on health delegation in Guinea underscores security threat to humanitarian personnel in Ebola-affected countries
  • Syria: Islamic State's reported downing of warplane, capture of Kurdish villages highlight extremist group's momentum
  • Chile: Bank robbery in capital highlights presence of organised crime gangs but overall security risks low
  • Australia: Terrorism risk rating remains unchanged despite terrorism-related arrests
  • Venezuela: Government unlikely to sanction major reforms despite growing economic pressures
  • Mauritania: Temporary suspension of operations at Guelb Moghrein mine reflects persistent risk of labour unrest
  • Guinea: Appointment of new secretary general of mines to boost industry relations, sector oversight
  • El Salvador: Longstanding dispute underlines strong anti-mining lobby’s ability to influence policy
  • India: Chinese leader's visit underscores co-operation in trade, investment; border disputes remain source of tension

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