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  • Mexico: Labour issues will continue to hamper Pemex’s ability to compete in open energy market
  • Philippines: Senior militant’s death likely to trigger retaliation but group’s violence will remain localised
  • Norway: Security warning underscores persistent, low-level Islamist terrorism threat
  • China: Strike underscores growing frequency of industrial action in Guangdong
  • Libya: Twin suicide bomb attacks, fatal clashes underline particular fragility of security environment in north-east
  • Yemen: Announcement of self-proclaimed emirate highlights increasing operational presence of extremists in eastern province
  • Netherlands: Reputational risk of Russian links to outweigh sanctions impact
  • Afghanistan: Attack in Herat underlines potential for targeting of foreigners
  • United Kingdom: New strategy to combat business crime in capital reflects concerns over police’s fraud response
  • Djibouti: Reconciliation between president, opposition leader to undermine political negotiation process
  • Nigeria: Assassination attempts in Kaduna reflect potential for instability ahead of 2015 polls
  • Ghana: Nationwide labour union strike unlikely to result in large-scale unrest
  • Georgia: Government reshuffle underscores commitment to reforms following signing of key EU agreement
  • El Salvador: Investigation of former defence minister points to pervasive corruption in the Armed Forces
  • Panama: Construction industry workers’ strike highlights high levels of union activism, operational threats to business
  • Venezuela: Bilateral agreement with China unlikely to result in significant improvement to dire economic situation

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