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  • Russia: Intellectual property legislation amendments to enhance digital copyright protection, reduce regulatory risks
  • Mexico: Protests for missing Ayotzinapa students likely to continue in short term, most to remain peaceful
  • Portugal: Arrest of former prime minister underlines increased pursuit of high-level corruption allegations
  • Iraq: Death sentence for former politician likely to increase sectarian tensions, complicate efforts against militants
  • Romania: Arrest of high-ranking prosecutor underlines corruption among businesses, in land ownership deals
  • Zambia: Suspension of ruling party president to exacerbate tensions in presidential candidacy race
  • Ukraine: Ruling coalition to prioritise national security, political reform; pro-business changes likely to be slow
  • Nigeria: Raid on opposition offices reflects politicisation of security agencies in run-up to 2015 elections
  • Saudi Arabia: Shooting in Riyadh indicative of upward pressure on LOW security risk rating
  • Asia & the Pacific: Free trade agreement will broaden Australia’s trade with China
  • Solomon Islands: Political uncertainty, protests, violence to accompany formation of new government
  • Indonesia: Attorney general pick threatens to dilute reform agenda but may deter parliamentary obstructionism
  • Asia & the Pacific: North’s military, nuclear test threats underline scope for increased tensions on Korean Peninsula

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