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  • Romania: Pre-election spending spree to widen budget deficit, prompt tax increases in longer term
  • Peru: Public security, regional corruption to remain key operational challenges despite president’s speech to Congress
  • South Africa: Deal to end metalworkers’ strike unlikely to resolve labour tensions
  • Asia & the Pacific: Military drills underscore China’s tough stance on maritime disputes
  • Zimbabwe: First lady’s nomination as chairperson of ruling party women’s league unlikely to signal presidential ambitions
  • Macedonia: Name dispute to continue to delay EU, NATO accession despite new efforts at reconciliation
  • Georgia: Criminal charges against former president to prolong polarisation of political environment
  • Nigeria: Local Islamist militant cell likely to be responsible for series of suicide bombings in Kano
  • Morocco: Terrorism, security risks remain LOW despite arrest of suspected senior al-Qaida recruiter
  • Afghanistan: Kandahar bombing shows militants' intent to influence, disrupt electoral process
  • Mozambique: Scenarios: Frelimo election win sustains political status quo
  • Puerto Rico (US): Significant security challenges remain despite drop in homicides
  • Zambia: Dispute over mining reporting rules to continue to delay investment; substantial tax increases unlikely

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